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Digital map of London speed limits launched

February 25, 2009

Digital map of London speed limits launched

Transport for London (TfL) has introduced a digital map of London’s road speed limits. The map, which will be available for free to download on the TfL website, can be integrated into satellite navigation devices and the developers hope will reduce road collisions in the capital. 

According to TfL, the map, once integrated into any SatNav or GPS device, will be able to display the current, accurate speed limit to a driver and alert them if they exceed the legal speed limit. TfL estimates that if every road user downloaded the map, the number of collisions in London would be reduced by ten per cent.

Chris Lines, head of TfL’s London road safety unit, said: “This technology will mean drivers know the correct speed limit at all times, which will help them to drive more safely. This is about helping motorists make their own, informed decisions about the way they drive.

“Some of the SatNav devices currently on the market can already adopt this new map and we hope other manufacturers will make the necessary adaptations to help make London’s roads safer for everyone.”

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