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Throttle back on worries

March 7, 2009

Throttle back on worries

There’s a distant rumble and a grumble.

In June 2010 the Illinois Harley Owners Group will be in O’Fallon for their annual convention. The local HOG chapter, the Stone Celts, as well as Frieze Harley-Davidson and O’Fallon city leaders all deserve credit for bringing the event to the area. 

Expect about 2,600 middle-aged men and women with enough disposable income to own a motorcycle that sells for $20,000 to $30,000 before they even start putting their chrome, accessories or motorcycle clothing together. Expect full hotels, restaurants and shops in many metro-east communities as they roll down our scenic roads.

And expect some noise.

With the event more than a year off, some folks are already fussing. Some may envision Marlon Brando’s gang of leather-clad thugs ripping through town and carrying off our young.

But the reality is very different.

We already live with noise from our own motorcycling population. We won’t see too much of these folks because they will be out on the roads a good part of the time.

And Marlon Brando they ain’t, even though they’d like to think there’s a little of that in themselves. St. Charles recently hosted a HOG gathering and the mayor and police chief were still happy afterward.

We’ve got some money rolling toward us during a down economy. Get your motor runnin’?

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