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Brisbane lawyer warns anti-bikie laws could bring McCarthyism

April 8, 2009

Brisbane lawyer warns anti-bikie laws could bring McCarthyism

PROPOSED anti-bikie laws could push Queensland into a ”McCarthy-like witch hunt” against law-abiding citizens, a prominent defence lawyer warns.

Brisbane criminal defence lawyer Tim Meehan said the State Government decision to implement anti-bikie laws smacked of a panic reaction to the current media and public focus on bikie gang behaviour.

Mr Meehan said the tough new laws could act against law-abiding citizens and legitimate businesses, drive the gangs underground and make them more dangerous.

”The headlines are all about a looming all-out bikie gang war in Australia, and that’s exactly the environment which encourages McCarthyism. There’s a real risk anyone who rides a motorbike will be labelled a bikie,” he said.

He warned Queensland risks becoming like America of the 1950’s when Senator Joseph McCarthy whipped up hysteria about communism and innocent people were wrongly accused of either being or even associating with communists.

Mr Meehan said the laws would be vigorously challenged and existing police powers were sufficient to deal with gang warfare.

“Imposing orders which restrict who people can associate with even if they have no criminal conviction is quite scary and the opposite of what Queenslanders take for granted as their rights in a democratic society,” Mr Meehan said.

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  1. April 8, 2009 11:34 pm

    Excellent Blog. I’ve been reading along and just wanted to say hi. I will be reading more of your posts in the future.

    – Jason.

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