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Cameras Burn in England and Germany

April 27, 2009

Cameras Burn in England and Germany
Vigilantes incinerate a Lincolnshire, UK speed camera and damage another in Stade, Germany.

Grantham camera burnsA speed camera in the German city of Stade was set on fire just before 1am last Tuesday. The automated ticketing machine was located on Kreisstrasse 39 in Borstel Hinterbrack. The fire was extinguished before the device was completely destroyed. A local police news release estimated the damage at up to 10,000 euros (US $13,300).

At around 10:30pm on April 16, vigilantes necklaced a speed camera in Grantham, England. The technique involves placing a tire around the device’s photographic head, adding gasoline and igniting the mixture. The result proved devastating for the automated ticketing machine on Gonerby Road. As the £40,000 (US $59,000) camera burned, residents gathered, laughing and photographing the spectacle, as reported by the Grantham Journal.

View a video captured at the scene on youtube:

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