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Resorting to Violence

June 26, 2009

On a couple of occasions, while driving back and forth to Michigan
getting the books, I made myself listen to NPR (which I think
stands for “New Pravda Radio”). One of the topics discussed by the
collectivist brigade was “extremism” in America, and how sometimes
extremists, “right” and “left,” resort to violence to push their

What was most noteworthy about the show was what they did NOT say,
and probably have never even considered. While talking about how,
out of frustration and desperation, sometimes disenfranchised
people resort to violence, they failed to mention that
“government,” by its very nature, ALWAYS resorts to violence.
Everything “government” does is backed by a threat of brute force.
Every “law” is a command–not a friendly suggestion, not a helpful
tip, but a command backed by the threat of violence. But statists
never seem to grasp that obvious truth.

When has any statist, after seeing a video of a SWAT team invading
someone’s home, referred to it as government “resorting to
violence”? In fact, when do they even call it “violence” at all?
Never. You see, in their eyes, “legal” violence committed by
“authority” is automatically legitimate, and therefore doesn’t
count as violence at all. When the IRS fascists resorted to
violence on May 6, 2003, sending a dozen armed thugs to my home, to
force their way into my house so they could steal all of my “Theft
By Deception” videos, that didn’t count as violence–not in the
eyes of statists, anyway. And when the local, state and federal
thugs do armed invasions of many people’s homes, pointing machine
guns at everyone, because they think there might be a non-
government-approved plant growing on the premises, that doesn’t
count as “violence” either. In fact, when they shoot and kill
someone in the process, even that doesn’t win the label “violent”
(though it might qualify as an “unfortunate mistake”).

Lots of people pretend to abhor violence, but most of them don’t
really. They complain about non-“government” violence, but are the
first in line to demand that the violence of the state be used to
give handouts to the poor, or build a military, or serve some other
collectivist agenda. Likewise, lots of people say they hate guns,
but they really don’t. They don’t want the common folk armed, but
they want the mercenaries of the state to have all the violence
they need at their disposal in order to forcibly execute the agenda
of their masters. (Ask a “gun control” proponent if they would mind
starting by disarming the government, and you’ll find out what
their real agenda is.)

The belief in “authority” so drastically distorts how people see
the world that even when there’s a large-scale para-military
assault on a private home, resulting in the deaths of people living
there, for no other reason than the allegation that someone there
possessed a firearm that is not government-approved (such as
happened both at Ruby Ridge and Waco), most Americans will view the
residents, NOT the violent invaders, as the “violent” and
“dangerous” ones.

Federal and state “tax collectors,” under threat of force or by the
blatant use of force, take TRILLIONS of dollars every year from
those who have earned it. Yet the IRS is not viewed as “violent.”
Other federal and state agencies forcibly capture and lock up
hundreds of thousands of people for possessing substances not
approved by the politicians. But the DEA is not seen by most as
being violent. Cops across the country, under threat of violence or
with the open use of violence, stop, detain, interrogate, and
search people by the thousands every day, without a shred of
probable cause to think an actual crime has occurred. Yet that is
not viewed as violence by the general public.

What IS viewed as despicable violence, and receives the scorn of
the majority of Americans, is when, once in a blue moon, some
target of the fascist police state decides to meet force with
force, by resisting totalitarianism in the only language tyrants
understand: violence. And then people wring their hands, as if THAT
is some big problem–that every once in a while, someone DOESN’T
put up with being treated like a slave, and fights back.

It is true that sometimes the force used by the victims of tyranny
is misplaced and unjustified, including any time innocent people
are targeted. But the threat which such violence poses to the
general public is completely dwarfed by the “legal” violence
committed in the name of “government.” Anyone who thinks he has
more to fear from “militia types” than he does from King Obama and
his throngs of thugs needs a reality-check. Just because violence
is often done in the name of “fairness,” and “helping” people, and
providing “benefits” and “programs,” doesn’t mean it’s not
violence. And if you still can’t recognize that “government” is
ALWAYS violence, try disobeying for a while, and see what happens.

Larken Rose

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