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September 19, 2009

via Billy Gannon

Stand up & be counted and tell the City of Boston that “YOU REFUSE TO ALLOW THE BOSTON CITY COUNCIL TO BUILD YOUR MOTORCYCLE” on Monday Night, September 21st at the Hard Rock Café, 22-24 Clinton Street in Boston’s Fanuel Hall area between 7:00 and 9:00 PM.

Under Boston’s new Motorcycle Exhaust Law YOU will be subject to a $300 fine if you ride or even just park your motorcycle within Boston’s City Limits and the EPA Stamp is not “readily visible” on your exhaust system. There is also a new proposal for a statewide law regulating motorcycle exhaust systems being heard in the State House next month!

EPA Stamps are not “readily visible” on 98% of all motorcycle exhaust systems and you can bet that those hungry Boston Meter Maids will be just looking for your bike to earn that $300 if you don’t join with other concerned riders and rally against this repugnant ordinance.

The Massachusetts Riders for Justice Committee have filed a lawsuit against the City to end this ridiculous bullshit. Even Boston cops we speak with disagree with this new law. Come out and show your support by riding your bike to this Rally on Monday Night!!!

If we don’t stop this law in Boston— it WILL come to YOUR City or Town!!!

If you think this doesn’t affect you, then look at your own motorcycle’s exhaust system and see if you can find your EPA Stamp. Is it “readily visible” to that Meter Maid walking down the street? Do you think she will take the time to get down on her knees to go looking for it or care what year your exhaust system was produced?

If you can not be there, log on to to learn more about this new law and how you can help protect your motorcycle and your rights.

If you would prefer to just sit back and let the other guy do it, well I’ve got news for you. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH “OTHER GUYS” to get the job done and we may surely fail if all riders don’t rally to this cause. Stand Up and Be Counted Monday Night at the Hard Rock Café and support the Riders for Justice lawsuit against the City of Boston!!!

It appears that the Riders For Justice Lawsuit against the City of Boston against their Motorcycle Noise Ordinance appears to have some effect on protecting riders from agressive ticketing. Below is a release put out by those who stand against us. If you scroll down to the very end, you will read why they state that Boston is not issueing any tickets yet. We need to keep up the fight people— we’re making progress.

For more info on how you can protect your motorcycle go to http://www.justiceriders.

com and see how you can help in the good fight for what is right!!!

“Pipe Down Please” – New Motorcycle Noise Reduction Program
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 By Matt Conti
Boston Police Discuss Their New “Pipe Down Please” Program With North End Residents at the September Public Safety MeetingBoston Police unveiled a new voluntary program to reduce motorcycle noise on North End streets, called “Pipe Down Please.” The Boston initiative is mirrored after a successful program in Golden, Colorado named “Silence is Golden.” The police will be handing out cards requesting cooperation from bikers on the neighborhood’s residential streets. Police intend to initially target areas that bikers tend to gather such as Hanover Street. The cards will remind city bikers of existing sound level restrictions and the value of public peace.
Boston Police from Area A-1, Captain O’Rourke, Sargent Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle discussed the “Pipe Down Please” program at the September North End Public Safety Meeting. The police commented that enthusiast bikers are likely to comply with the program while there will always be some troublemakers.
Signage for Motorcycle Noise Reduction Program in Golden, Colorado
The outreach and self-policing program has had positive results in Golden, Colorado. This interesting story was on their website:
“In a bar, an officer shared this cooperative idea with a group of bikers. Shortly after the group went to the patio to chat about sharing the public peace value, two motorcycles with customized exhausts rode by with almost perfectly orchestrated timing. One was riding absolutely “rapped out” in a low gear, forcing the conversation to stop due to the bike’s loudness. The amazing part of this intrusion was that the bikers with whom the officer was conversing responded by exclaiming, “Now he needs a ticket!” They added that people who ride in that manner are “ruining the ride for the rest of us.” By contrast, the second motorcyclist, also riding a motorcycle with a customized exhaust, was in high gear with “low rev,” and the volume did not interrupt the conversation. The officer was quick to point out that the second motorcyclist was a great example of riding in a “community-friendly” fashion.”
The Golden, Colorado program also involved businesses that feared excessive noise would drive away tourists. Police indicated a cultural change needed to take place to diffuse an “us vs them” mentality with the bikers. Logo signs are posted in businesses and on street signs to give visability to the program.
The initiative follows the efforts of District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina who introduced a city ordinance that calls for an EPA stamp on all approved motorcycle mufflers operating in Boston. Without such a stamped muffler, the biker will be ticketed for a $300 fine. The ordinance was approved by the City Council and signed by the Mayor. However, a legal challenge has delayed its enforcement pending court proceedings. Despite the holdup on the city ordinance, police are looking at increased training with sound meters to enforce existing noise regulations.

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  1. goldiron permalink*
    September 20, 2009 8:41 am

    Fascism, Boston-Style

    I keep wondering, just how stupid are the American people? Pretty
    dense, apparently, and Massachusetts seems to be well ahead of the
    curve in boneheadedness.

    The Boston fascist brigade is proudly talking about how they’re
    trying out a massive registry and tracking system of people who
    have received a vaccine. The stated goal, of course, is to protect
    the public health. If, however, you BELIEVE that to actually be the
    goal, then maybe you should be FORCED to live in Massachusetts, as
    punishment for being such a moron.

    Whether you approach the thing from practical terms, or from a
    question of motivations, the stated goal is just plain idiotic,
    while a more sinister motive is readily apparent.

    For starters, if there were actually a dangerous plague spreading
    around (not the artificially hyped kind, like the swine flu), don’t
    you think everyone in the area would KNOW about it? Of course they
    would. So if someone was in such an area, and hadn’t been
    vaccinated, it would almost certainly be because he didn’t WANT to
    be vaccinated, for whatever reason. The database and tracking
    system would, therefore, serve only ONE purpose: to help the
    fascists FORCIBLY vaccinate people (or forcibly imprison people)
    who didn’t WANT to be vaccinated. If you had a bracelet, the
    control freaks would know that you’re a good little sheep, and
    would go terrorize someone else.

    If people were dropping like flies, from a REAL epidemic, and if
    there was a vaccine that would prevent the disease, the public
    would be lining up for miles to get vaccines for it. You wouldn’t
    need to chase anyone down, or keep massive databases of who had and
    hadn’t received the shot. (There might be a couple dozen people
    who, on religious grounds, would still refuse to receive shots, but
    that would hardly require a state-wide tracking system for the
    other few million people.)

    I recently heard a fascist from the CDC (Collectivist Disease
    Creators) pitching the vaccine, saying it’s safe, and everyone
    should go get it. So never mind all the doctors who are saying that
    the vaccine is not only unnecessary, but very dangerous. Why are
    our loving “protectors” in government trying so hard to SELL the
    vaccine to the masses? If it was actually a cure for a serious
    disease, it would sell itself. (Do you think that if there was a
    simple, safe, sure-fire cure to cancer, those in “government” would
    need to ORDER people to take it?) For any who don’t know this
    (which shouldn’t include any readers of FreedomsPhoenix), your
    standard, garden-variety flu is statistically MORE lethal than the
    “swine flu” that we’re all supposed to be terrified of. So if you
    think the Boston fascists, or the federal fascists, are pushing
    their agenda for YOUR sake, you’re a buffoon. This is fear-
    mongering in its purest form, which is always used to increase
    authoritarian control. (When’s the last time you heard a politician
    say something like this?: “Wow, this is serious! We’d better let
    people have more freedom!”)

    If there was a benevolent motive behind the scheme, it should be
    easy to imagine something BENEFICIAL about the plan. So, can you?
    What good would the proposed system do? You’d have a zillion
    people, some with “obedient slave” bracelets, some without. Unless
    they’re either herding everyone through checkpoints, or doing house
    to house searches, or using some other form of martial law, how
    would the control freaks FIND all the people who DON’T have the
    slave bracelets? They couldn’t, and wouldn’t.

    And why track the people who HAVE received the shot? They can’t (in
    theory) get the disease, or give it to anyone else, so who cares
    where THEY are? Any moron should begin to realize that the plan has
    nothing to do with protecting the people from anything; it’s about
    CONTROLLING a whole lot of people, Nazi-style, and NOT for their
    own good. (As a side not, don’t fall for the bullpoop of, “We have
    the right to forcibly vaccinate you, because if you get the disease
    you’ll pose a risk to everyone else.” Nice try, but if they insist
    that EVERYONE get vaccinated, then no one else could get the
    disease from an unvaccinated carrier, anyway.)

    This is a test of public subservience, to see how easily Americans
    can be herded around like sheep. If it really got going, you’d have
    jackboots on every corner, making sure everyone was wearing their
    little slave bracelet, and arresting anyone who didn’t. (It brings
    to mind a line from the movie, Idiocracy: “Whycome you don’t have a
    tattoo?” Warning: Though that movie is hilarious and painfully
    accurate, it’s also quite rude and vulgar. So kids, you might not
    want to let your parents watch it.)

    When “governments” decide it’s time to “manage” populations,
    whether in a real crisis, or in a made-up one (which is far more
    common), the results are never pleasant. I, for one, have no
    intention of being “managed,” and I know lots of other people who
    feel the same. By coincidence, most of them have guns. If the
    tyrants are stupid enough to keep pushing this thing, you may start
    to see a new game becoming popular: “See if you can stick a needle
    in my child before I blow your damn head off.” (I have yet to see a
    hyperdermic needle that has better long-range accuracy than my
    Savage .308.)

    Larken Rose

    (P.S. I’m just glad I found a nice route to drive up to New
    Hampshire from my house WITHOUT going through Taxachusetts.)

    (P.P.S. To anyone who can’t see through what the Boston fascists
    are trying, you should really read my first book, “How To Be a
    Successful Tyrant.”)

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