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Port’s motorcycle noise signs getting attention

October 15, 2009

Port’s motorcycle noise signs getting attention

Selectmen take stance on excise tax reform, TABOR

KENNEBUNKPORT — The town’s idea to post signs asking motorcycle riders to be considerate and for officers and town officials to hand out brochures educating riders, is catching on in other communities, Police Chief Joe Bruni told the Board of Selectmen Oct. 8. 

Kennebunk has discussed the option, and other communities are interested as well.

“I received a call from Portland and they’re considering doing the same thing,” Bruni said.

Bruni said the town had ordered 10 signs at $69.95 each and that they would be posted in the spring. The signs “Please ride quiet ride safe.”

“The total cost is less than prosecuting one (motorcycle noise) ticket,” Bruni said.

Bruni said the town is still hoping the issue of motorcycle noise will be addressed at the state level.

Bruni was also on hand to discuss with the board making permanent the five Maine Street parking spots that were re-created for a test run this summer. Parking used to be allowed along the street. The town took down the signs that said no parking.

The long-term spots, located between Temple and Spring streets, seemed to work well for drivers and cause few, if any, problems, for homeowners, Bruni said.

“We observed them all summer,” he said. “There was maybe only one night where a car was parked there after 10:30. It was very quiet.”

Town Manager Larry Mead said he, too, had observed the spots and felt they should be made permanent. Mead said it would cost maybe $1,200 for curbing and a little more for paving to make the area the same as others in town.

Since no change was needed to the parking ordinance to make the spots permanent, no vote was taken.

Resident David James brought up the issue of the blinking sign and new crosswalk located further up from the parking spots on North Street. He questioned why there was no public discussion of the sign before it was installed.

Bruni said it was a public safety issue and that many residents were supportive of the sign.

In other board news, Mead asked the board to support two resolutions asking voters to vote down both the TABOR II initiative and excise tax change on the state ballot. If the TABOR II measure passed, Mead said, it would effectively end the town’s Town Meeting tradition by requiring a referendum vote on budget issues.

The board voted to pass the resolution with Selectman Sheila Mathews-Bull voting against it, saying she wanted to read up on the measure more.

The board unanimously passed the resolution condemning the excise tax change. Mead said the town stands to lose $320,000 in revenue if the measure passes.

“It would go into affect in the middle of the town’s budget year,” Mead said, “requiring us to cut the budget or services.”

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