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In-Vehicle Decision Support to Reduce Crashes at Rural Thru-Stop Intersections

November 25, 2009

Research in Progress

In-Vehicle Decision Support to Reduce Crashes at Rural Thru-Stop Intersections

Record Type: DOT


More than 30% of all crashes occur at intersections, and a disproportionate number at rural intersections.

The proposed project will examine the safety impact of an in-vehicle decision support systems (DSS) at rural thru-stop intersections: intersections at which a highway crosses a minor road controlled by a stop sign.

Many crashes occur at intersections because even cautious drivers sometimes make poor judgments about when to enter high-speed highway traffic.

The DSS will leverage existing Vehicle Information Infrastructure (VII) in which radar installed at intersections measures gaps between approaching vehicles.

It will also build on previous work in which an intelligent sign was placed at such an intersection to display VII gap information and warnings. The sigh was effective, but drivers’ view of the sign was sometimes obstructed, and information could only be displayed visually: an already heavily burdened cognitive resource.

The proposed work will 1) bring the warning system inside the vehicle where the display will be more visible, and 2) assess whether visual or tactile displays are more effective for conveying warnings.

The principal investigator (PI) will follow a human-centered approach in which participants will use the displays in the HumanFIRST driving simulator. The impact will be to reduce crashes and fatalities, and increase safe behaviors.

Start date: 2009/7/1

End date: 2010/7/31

Status: Active

Secondary Number: CTS-2010047

Total Dollars: 89970

Source Organization: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Date Added: 11/24/2009

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