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Warning over pay-per-mile plans

November 25, 2009

Warning over Dutch pay-per-mile plans

The Raad van State, the Dutch government’s highest advisory council, has warned transport minister Camiel Eurlings that he holds too much faith in the role of technology in the enforcement of the road kilometre levy.

Eurlings recently confirmed that the kilometre levy for motorists, which will replace existing motor vehicle taxation systems, in the Netherlands will be systematically enforced between 2012 and 2018. The GPS-based pay-per-km levy will initially require the motorist to pay US$0.04 per km, gradually increasing to on average US$1 per km in 2018.

According to the Raad van State, such technology is unproven and it has asked the minister to indicate what he will do should satellite technology, which will be used to log the distance a car drives, fail. The Raad van State has also voiced concerns over the punitive measures motorists face should they fail to comply. These include driving licence and vehicle confiscation, and even custodial sentences.

Eurlings said that there will be a trial in 2010 involving 60,000 motorists and that the strict enforcement of the levy is necessary.

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