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DA owes public explanation

November 30, 2009

DA owes public explanation

[Opinion letter]


Mike Blonigen, do I have this straight in my mind? Is this what is actually going on in our county? If me and my buddy, both of us drunk as we can be, get in my pick-up (with the full knowledge the driver is loaded) and I roll the truck and kill him, I will be facing charges for his death. If I smother a child on Sunday, I will be charged with murder on Monday.

But if I turn left, into oncoming traffic, and run over a reverend with a school bus, or murder a millionaire with a Hummer, as long as they are on motorcycles, Mike Blonigen won’t press any charges?

Mike Blonigen, there appears to be a big difference between how you administer justice based on the type of victims. Why would you get right after a child killer, within 24 hours, but months go by with no action on your part if it involves a motorcycle rider?

Are we, the public that put you in office, seeing “misuse of office?” Abuse of office? Does the State Attorney General need to look into how you run your office?

At the very least, we the motorcycle riding community want an extremely public (TV, radio, newspapers, microphones, cameras, 12 noon, etc.) statement that explains, in simple detail, in laymen’s terms, why motorcycle riders don’t have the same protections, under the laws of this state, as a small child or a willing buddy?

Mike Blonigen, this issue is not going away just because you chose to ignore it. We demand some kind of response.

This letter was read and approved by everyone that signed the last letter about Mike Blonigen’s handling of crimes against motorcycle riders (“Remove DA from office,” Oct. 6), but editorial space limits the number of authors acknowledged, so this is simply signed by me.


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