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Pending Policy Change Brings Convenience to Riders

December 2, 2009

Pending Policy Change Brings Convenience to Riders

Story by Sgt. Whitney N. Frasier

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – Pending modifications to the Marine Corps Traffic Safety order, MCO 5100.19E, are expected to bring convenience and clarity to motorcycle riders Marine Corps wide.

“Commands already have to have a motorcycle safety program,” said Kevin Frantum, traffic safety manager, Base Safety Office. “The issue is that every base has a different policy and run the program differently.”

Frantum said the changes will require riders to return 120 days after the Basic Riders Course to attend the Military Sport Bike Riders Course if the member has a sport bike, or the Experienced Rider Course if the member owns a cruiser.

“The changes will just put everyone on the same page, no matter where they are in the Marine Corps,” said Frantum, 43, from Perry, Iowa. “This will keep consistency and Marines won’t have to start over from scratch if they PCS, it’s a real convenience factor for them.”

Members will then be required to complete additional training provided by the Base Safety Office after three years if they want to continue riding on base.

“If riders want to renew their decal to ride on base they will have to show proof of advanced training,” said Frantum. “They can attend one of our advanced courses here.”

Having to start a new motorcycle safety program every time a member moves can be frustrating. This policy is intended to eliminate any inconsistencies that may be present in the program.

“We have already implemented some of the changes that will take place,” said Don Settles, lead instructor, Cape Fox Professional Services. “The added training and instructors have really helped and the program is helping to keep the number of deaths caused by motorcycle accidents down this year.”

Other programs offered to members here include Lee Parks Total Control Training, Keith Code Advanced Motorcycle Operations School, group riding modules and the Advanced Riding Course. These courses can count toward the three year training required for the MCO 5100.19F that is expected to be signed soon, said Frantum.

“It’s a positive change,” said 2nd Lt. Casey M. O’Doherty, air support officer and a Basic Riders Course student, Marine Aviation Support Squadron 3. “The bikes get inspected more often, riders become more proficient with the basics again. It keeps bad habits off the road and Marines out of danger.”

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