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healthcare reform?‏

December 25, 2009

Friends, this is no time to let up.

Yes, I know it seem like we’re butting our heads into a brick wall, but the politics is a binary process.

Think about it. What are your options?

You either Negotiate or you Revolt.

(Freedom has no Auto-pilot)

Since it appears the Senate will not stop this idiocy, the next step is derail the negotiations. To that end i submit the following:


Ladies and Gentlemen,

A 2,700-page health care Bill delivered in the middle of the night….???

— No tax on Botox and other plastic surgeries,
But a 10% tax on tanning, wheelchairs or hip replacements —

By what convoluted logic is Healthcare Reform being implemented…???
What sort of political gamesmanship is involved here….???

Moreover, do any of you understand that the fiscal impact of this legislation is ominous….???

The political pay-offs, back-room deals, and earmarks required to put this legislation together are outrageous!  Majority Leader Harry Reid actually encouraged Senator to load this legislation with Pork. His words were:
“If they don’t have something in it important to them then it doesn’t speak well of them.”

It is becoming patently obvious that the Progressive Left will do anything to reengineer American society. Once again they are proving that their strategy is and always has been:

“The Ends Justifies The Means”

Extending full medical benefits to 30 million people who don’t currently have them with the potential to include 47 million illegal aliens will not be less expensive than the current system.

Any claim that the current proposal will save money is simply not credible. Trillions of dollars in the red, Medicare will be bankrupt by 2017, requiring a Federal income tax hike of 77 percent.

Legislation that is poised to control over one-sixth of the American economy should not be written by an hand full of individuals behind closed doors, in the dark of night.

Their misguided attempt at Health Care Reform is at best unconstitutional and at worst will destroy America. Please reject this attempt and next time try a bipartisan strategy.


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