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Dennis Presley is a prejudiced moron

December 27, 2009

Local Bikers Respond To Criticism From Sheriff’s Candidate

MARION– Mackies Pizza in Marion looked like the sight of a biker rally on Saturday afternoon. But a roomful of more than a hundred riders didn’t come to eat, they showed up to set the record straight.

“We don’t deal drugs, we don’t have any association with organized crime,” said southern Illinois Storm Rider Kent McClurken.

These comments come ten days after Williamson County sheriff’s candidate Dennis Presley linked the local biker group called the Storm Riders, to a group called ‘The Outlaws’ who are infamous for crime, and are looking to start a branch in Marion. But bikers say that there’s something bigger than ‘The Outlaws’ that Presley is focused on.

“The Outlaws have been portrayed on TV more than once, but it’s not that he’s really concerned about them, as he is trying to get a vote,” said Williamson County Storm Rider Rudy Evetts.

Representatives with five different biker groups who spoke at Saturday’s news conference, say Presley is concerned with criminals coming from up north to start ‘The Outlaws’ and continue violence. But local bikers say that’s not the case at all.

“The people that will make up that chapter will be local people from this area, it’ll be local riders from this area,” said McClurken. “They could be your neighbors, co-workers, but it will be people that you know.”

Many riders say if anything, they’ve given back to the community. Because the Storm Riders have held a toy drive for twenty-six years, and the group Band of Brothers supports local veterans. In the end, they say they’re just like every other southern Illinoisan.

“We’re parents, were grandparents, were aunts, uncles, lawyers, truck drivers, coal minters,” said Mike Sullivan, with the local Social Meanies biker club. “We’re just average people that like to be with people that ride motorcycles, and have the same interests.”

By Andy Waterman

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