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Maryland Highway Safety Plan 2010 – mc only enforcement

January 5, 2010
Maryland Highway Safety Plan 2010 – mc only enforcement

Motorcycle only enforcement:
Page 26:

3. Law Enforcement
-Programmatic Initiatives- Of the 12 Priority Program Areas, the programs that most directly address behavioral modification are supplemented with enforcement support funding. These programs that include targeted enforcement are Aggressive Driving, Impaired Driving, Occupant Protections, Motorcycle Safety, and Pedestrian Safety. A more detailed description of how these enforcement funds will be utilized is included in each Priority Program Area description. A total of $645,200 will be allocated in FFY 2010 for targeted programmatic enforcement.

Page 51:
Under Motorcycle Safety:

Major initiatives for FFY 2010, will include the Motorcycle Safety Month Campaign including a kick off press event, and continued motorcycle safety enforcement outreach and training. Additional emphasis will be placed on proper licensure, protective equipment, and impaired riding.

Page 52:
Motorcycle Safety: Project Budget Summary Motorcycle Safety projects will be funded utilizing both Section 406 and Section 2010 Incentive Funds. The Section Incentive funds will be used exclusively for rider safety education curriculum enhancements and for motorist awareness activities.

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