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VA-Bill to Allow Two-Wheelers to Run Red Lights Fails‏

February 1, 2010

Bill to Allow Two-Wheelers to Run Red Lights Fails

A Virginia General Assembly committee put the brakes on a bill that would have allowed motorcycles, bikes and mopeds to treat red lights like stop signs.

Proposed by Del. Thomas “Tag” Greason (R-eastern Loudoun), House Bill 752 would have let those riding two-wheeled vehicles to proceed through red traffic lights after stopping for at least two minutes.

Greason said the massive snowstorm in December inspired the bill when he noticed that snow piles prevented some vehicles from triggering traffic light sensors. He thought this likely posed even more of a problem for smaller vehicles, like motorcycles. Then, after learning that South Carolina recently enacted a similar law, he thought such legislation would be useful in Virginia.

Ultimately, though, the House Transportation Committee did not agree, and rejected Greason’s legislation on Jan. 28.

The American Motorcycle Association had supported Greason’s bill.

Eight states have similar laws in place.


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