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February 2, 2010


PAGE LAST UPDATED 2/02/2010 @ 7 PM…update in blue or red

Ok seems 10 / 11 news is holding their own poll as to whether or not public opinion is helmets should be repealed or not … so I’m asking each and every person to get out there and vote yes to repeal the current law on their website asap … we don’t want some senator to use that against us … and if anyone hears of another site let us know asap

Here is the site

story and poll located here

the voting is in the middle of the page and about half way down … vote yes and please pass this around.

thanks all!

Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska


Well first thanks for the show of support into day 2 at the capital and we still had a descent turn out of support in the balcony … I urge anyone to come down and show your support again tomorrow at 9 am.

The day started off excellent Janssen introduced a new amendment striking the old one which in effect combined amendments from the previous day.  AM 1720 this amendment included the sunset clause which in effect would allow a 5 yr time frame of the bill to give us as motorcyclist a chance to prove what we’ve been saying all along that the right to choose would not be a public burden etc. … also part of that amendment is including the 1million dollar insurance liability rider to the bill … the purpose of which was to get votes … and it seems to be working.  Also introduced and passed to amend to the amendment was am 60 which would attach a long term disability ins to non helmet wearing riders … now I know some of you feel this is unjust and a mandate to our freedoms and I ask you to bear with Senator Janssen as he moves to clarify what that all means. As of now it was adjourned to tomorrow am for further review.

All that being said, the Debate today was excellent!! So good as to bring 2 senators we had not expected to come over to our side …

Highlights of the debates were as follows ….

Janssen, Rogert, Price and Lautenbaugh all like the sunset amendment to give us a chance to arrive at our own data instead of relying on data from across other states to make legislative decisions in Nebraska. They all had great arguments to that affect.

Gloor and Lathrop tried to make bikers out to be criminals that would deceive the govt. and would not buy the insurance etc … but janssen retaliated quite nicely with we would be “guilty without trial” to assume bikers would not be licensed etc. and that he did plug ABATE and Share the Road campaign as a proactive approach to reduce fatalities … Thank You Senator!

Senator Schilz went on to say “Saving one life is a hollow argument against us” that not taking risks is not living… that education is the key ! ( wow does that sound familiar?) …

Dierks didn’t have much to say other than “this is just a bad bill” … you can take that for whatever it is worth … please don’t get him reelected …

Senator Avery oh we have to love him … came to the floor and said we would, if we repeal the helmet, law allow all the 1% organizations into the state and he proceeded to name the sons of silence, banditos and several others stating we would be bringing corruption and drugs into the state … we all had a good laugh on the balcony … but in response we had good senator Lautenbaugh who made a nice argument on why is it that government feels its ok to regulate anything to do with health just because the state is “compassionate enough to provide health care does not give us the right of tyrannical control” again very good arguments for us …

Senator Hansen gave us a nice speech in favor of the bill in general but agreed that the long term health care should be attached to all vehicles not just motorcycles …. Including but not limited to skiing, snowboarding, jetski’s, bull riding etc etc … and got a good laugh as well … Senator White gave a nice argument that govt. should only regulate individuals when problems are too big for them to handle and that this was not one of those issues … he went on to say the constitution grants us the right of pursuit of happiness … and what is involved with that … ie what makes life worth living?  He proposed that we all take risks in our daily lives and those risky activities whether it be riding horses, bikes etc might just be that for the individual … Thank you Senator!

Senator Nelson did a 180 and wow … guess what through the debate has changed his mind on the bill! He felt the numbers given him of motorcyclists who do have head injuries was such an infinitesimal amount compared to those from cars … why are we legislating against motorcyclists…. Way to go those of you in his district something is getting through!

Senator Fischer gave a compelling argument for us as well asking where do we as govt. draw the line, what activities do we control?  Her philosophy being the purpose of govt. is to protect the rights of individuals … that we cannot be protected from ourselves.

Senator Christianson gave another great argument he even went on record to say in the past he would only support the bill with the insurance clause but with the debates he would now support the bill with or without it due to the excellent arguments for personal choice! Though he did mention he liked the insurance clause as well … your work is paying off out there people!

Senator Stuthman is wholly in favor of the sunset clause to get some real figures on the bill to give us a chance Senator Karpisek also threw his hat in the ring for it due to getting the bill to pass and to move on with things for govt.

Senator Council … another good argument guess what she appears to be in favor! Gave an excellent speech on debunking some of the nonsense about costs associated with the helmet laws etc and said increased accidents is most likely due to increase of motorcyclists in states that repealed the helmet law and did give a nice pun to Senator Avery’s remarks about 1% clubs and wondered what tv show (sons of anarchy) senator Avery was watching … Thank You Senator!

Senator Sullivan also chimed in toward the end to give support … again thank you senator!

There were many more speeches and I am just giving you some highlights for those out west or who cannot watch it on internet or tv.  The against side mostly looked terrible in their arguments and to me that was great … All in all it was a great day at the capital and I look forward to what tomorrow brings with the amendment clarifications. I would have to say the general feeling seems to be growing that we should not be legislated to wear helmets … or at least be given a chance to test it out ….

Here is what I would suggest to all of you … We aren’t for sure where or what will happen to the clarification of the amendment and I don’t want a flood of emails asking questions yet to the senators … what I would like is for those of you in the senators districts that were speaking for us today to give them a quick email in your own words thanking them for their vocal support to the bill. As always I will attempt to keep you all updated the best I can.  I must say you all have done and are doing a great job! … keep it up.  Keep the information flowing and we may be tanning our scalps yet!

As always and questions or concerns feel free to call or email anytime ill try to respond asap.

Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska


for more information email Todd Miller @

Bob Ailor @

Scotty Lucey @

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