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NE- LB200 update‏

February 3, 2010


PAGE LAST UPDATED 2/03/2010 @ 5 PM…updates in blue or red

PLEASE NOTE THE LINKS FOR POLLS!  there are now 3 polls going on!

Grand Island poll –

10/11 poll

KETV Channel 7 poll…html

DAY 3 OF DEBATE – 2/03/2010

Ok day 3 of debate on our bill lb 200 and the amendments so far …

We started this am with 2 outstanding issues and didn’t start actually talking about the bill till 9:47 with the first order of business to clarify the long term disability am 60 amendment. Coash was in agreement that it was vague and somewhat a burden as written … therefore it was asked to be removed by Janssen and supported by Coash. So we started in again with debate on lb 200 even though the real issue was whether or not to remove the amendment … several members both opposing and for lb200 chimed in to give opinions on the issue but most were in agreement that really it was very tough to add long term care to the bill. Again a lot of senators seemed to get off track and take the time to spout useless data about lb200.

Senator Harms brought up a survey from MADD that canvassed NE residents and said by district the percentages of people who would leave the helmet law in tact … stating that 78% on average by district would not want it to change … we have no idea who they were talking to and well it was a MADD study so I’m sure it was not riders. But in our favor Janssen was able to get up in response and tout that 10/11 did a poll and had a 72% in favor of repeal and ketv in Omaha had a 54% in favor of repeal to rebut Harms claims that Nebraskans don’t want a change … Here I have to say Thanks to all of you who went out and voted and spread the word … you again made a difference! You not only took a bullet away from the opposition but gave one to our Senator and it was fired! … Good Job!

That being said Campbell came back with how she had gotten emails from riders on how upset they were that they would have to carry this insurance. That they would wear a helmet anyway and didn’t want the burden … be careful on the emails … that’s all I can say there.  I don’t believe it was an ABATE member just reiterating how important it is we stay focused and concentrate on the issues at hand together as an organization.

Debate raged on about how the insurance was not available etc for the 1 million dollar liability and Senator White chimed in and named ABATE saying “if we require insurance ABATE will get the ins.” … was a nice plug for us saying basically we would find a way to meet whatever legislation came down the pike … thank you Senator White! In the end the question was finally called and by a vote of 42 for and 2 against am 60 was dropped from the bill ie there is no longer a long term disability amendment to the bill … it stands now without that only with the 1 million dollar insurance policy and the sunset clause amendment in debate. At that point Senator Mccoy asked to bracket the bill …

Senator flood stepped in to explain what that meant … Most bills once bracketed if not prioritized are basically killed unless prioritized which in effect would guarantee it be heard again on the floor…. Janssen has publicly Prioritized the bill and backed the bracketing of the bill which means it is not dead and will be heard … he bought himself some time to get the ducks in a row on the insurance issue which seems to be the focal point on the bill at this time.  So there we are folks The bill is still moving forward and on track to be heard again we are working diligently to get the proper insurance information to Senator Janssen on our end. Looking to model it after Texas and Florida which both have insurance clauses in their repeals … We have gained a lot of momentum and some new votes on record to back us going forward … You have done a great job of working with us on this don’t stop now ….

What we need now is this … I need you to keep monitoring public forums, let us know if there is a poll going on about the helmet issue, a survey being done or any other form of media getting around … send us copies or direct us to websites so we can respond on the state level to outside criticism of the bill we cant watch every paper so we are counting on you to help … let us make the decision on how to act on it but please keep us informed.  Talk to riders across the state get them involved watching the opinion pages etc. if you wish to respond, run it by me bob and  scott …. We will get back right away I promise.   We need to stay unified! If we don’t we will fail on this push … no one person alone can change this law but as an organization working together we have a lot of possibilities. We are not looking for emails or calls to senators at this time unless you feel your senator can still be persuaded to flip to our side … if so let us know as well …. But be ready that position may change at any moment!

Again thanks for the support thus far you have done wonderful … let’s not lose the momentum as we push this bill over the edge to law …


Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska


for more information email Todd Miller @

Bob Ailor @

Scotty Lucey @

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