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NE – LB200 CALL TO ACTION – update

February 9, 2010


PAGE LAST UPDATED 2/08/2010 @ 4:30 PM…

2/08 update:

We have been getting the information to Senator Janssen’s office as requested. A big thank you to Spotman for doing a ton of leg work on this one!  We have been in close contact with Janssen’s office and it looks like things are shaping up nicely … At this time we don’t know what all the details of what is changing in the Amendments but that they are changing.  That being said I am of the understanding that a lot of work has gone into this since last Wednesday! They have canvassed insurance companies to see what is available and what might satisfy the agreements etc … We have been told they are very close to an understanding among the senators involved.  Now let me reiterate …

There is no long term disability being discussed as an amendment to the bill … that was killed last Wednesday!

What insurance if any will be proposed in another amendment … at this time we don’t know what …. Lets not all complain till we know what it will be …

All that being said the bill and amendments may come back to the floor this week … it is highly likely at this time but no guarantee … we will update you as soon as we know for sure.

Thank you all for your patience as we attempt to get LB200 moved to Select file …

Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska


email –

Polls are closed – see the results!

NEWEST POLL – Scottsbluff Herald – 68% for helmet repeal

Grand Island poll –

OK, it appears this poll may be closed, but they have another one!

Grand Island poll – What is the top reason you would not wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle –

10/11 poll – 75.5% for helmet repeal

KETV Channel 7 poll –…html 64% for helmet repeal

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