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NE-Prologue LB200

February 12, 2010


PAGE LAST UPDATED 2/12/2010 @ 1 PM…updates in blue or red

I have sat here trying to figure out how to explain to all of you what has happened and I am at a loss. The long and short of it is this …

Lb200 was looking good … the opposition knew it and the debates were getting a bit ugly. Lathrop vowed to do anything in his power to filibuster the bill and let it perish. Senator Janssen took his best shot at stopping that with the hopes that Senators on both sides were tired of the debate and would allow it to go to a vote … Janssen to allow that to happen called for Cloture … what this means is it ceases debate on the bill and allows for an up down vote but it requires 33 votes in order for the vote.  A roll call vote was taken and the vote was 27 yes and 20 no … with one senator not voting.

What in essence happened is a Minority of senators were able to kill a bill that a majority of senators were willing to pass. It is hard for even me to fathom but that is what has happened. Our bill never even got a chance to be voted upon.

I will get the actual numbers to you as soon as I can …

For now I ask you to consider this … what we need now is Primary elections are coming, many of our staunch opponents are up for re election. And we need to be campaigning to get them out of office!  We need to mobilize now to go into the next year with 33 senators who are in favor of helmet repeal … that is the only sure way we will pass this legislation. Scott has information up on the web already for you to see … Check to see if your senators are up there (even numbers are up this year)  get out spread the word … if your senator is against us … find out whom is running against them and see where they stand …

For now, keep the shiny side up


Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska



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