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IL- Local motorcycle riders rally around no helmet law

February 15, 2010

Local motorcycle riders rally around no helmet law

By Mona Sandefur

Benton Evening News

Mon Feb 15, 2010, 02:27 PM CST

Whittington, Ill. –

The weather proved almost picture perfect for Saturday’s Polar Bear Run.

Motorcycle Riders Memorial of Illinois members combined the event with an opportunity to garner support to protest legislation pertaining to a helmet law in Illinois.

MRM members urged others to sign petitions and to contact their legislators pertaining to legislation making its way through the hallowed halls of justice. One member said ABATE of Franklin County is fighting for their rights.

According to, Illinois passed a mandatory motorcycle helmet usage law for all riders in 1968, but that was overturned by the Illinois Supreme Court as an unconstitutional abuse of police power. No legislation requiring motorcycle helmets has since become law.

In April 2009, the Illinois Senate voted on Senate Bill 1351, which would have required all motorcyclists in Illinois to wear helmets with chinstraps when they operate motorcycles. The Illinois Senate struck down the bill by a final vote of 49-14, with one member abstaining.

MRM members said choosing whether or not to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle should be “a matter of choice.”

More than 30 MRM members roared from Maria’s Roadhouse, Inc., parking lot shortly after 12:30 p.m. Saturday destined for the other stops along the Polar Bear Run route. Stops included four more destinations in Benton before wrapping up the event with food, prizes and winners announced.

By Mona Sandefur
More than 30 members of Motorcycle Riders Memorial of Illinois posed for a photo before hitting the road for Saturday’s Polar Bear Run. The event started at Maria’s Roadhouse in Whittington and ended at The Crazy Horse in Benton, with three other stops in Benton.
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