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NE – Naming names connected with LB200

February 16, 2010


PAGE LAST UPDATED 2/16/2010 @ 9am


I have gotten several calls and emails about how the official vote went for cloture below are the results… (thanks scott for getting them to me)

The 27-20 vote to end debate on LB200 fell six votes short of the required 33. Failure of the cloture motion, in effect, kills the bill:

For (27): Ashford, Carlson, Christensen, Coash, Fischer, Flood, Fulton, Giese, Hadley, Hansen, Heidemann, Janssen, Karpisek, Krist, Langemeier, Lautenbaugh, Louden, McCoy, Mello, Nelson, Pirsch, Price, Rogert, Schilz, Stuthman, Sullivan, White.

Against (20): Adams, Avery, Campbell, Cook, Cornett, Council, Dierks, Dubas, Gay, Gloor, Haar, Harms, Howard, Lathrop, McGill, Nordquist, Panokin, Utter, Wallman, Wightman.

Present and not voting (1): Conrad.

Excused (1): Pahls.

I would ask that any and all ABATE supporters let Senator Janssen know how much we appreciate his efforts to get this bill moved forward.  Do not forget our other very vocal supporters as I have described their contributions on previous days, they all deserve your thanks. I would also suggest that we seriously take a look at all the senators that voted against the cloture vote. These Senators knew what they were doing and were able to kill the bill; circumventing the Democratic process … A minority of Senators were able to kill a bill with a technicality!  I would have to pose to you; Do you really want these Senators to represent you? Do you really feel that the Senators not in your district who voted against this bill (a minority) , who are supposed to be representing you, have the right to kill a bill any bill that a Majority of Senators are ready to move to the next step? I have heard some excuses, rumors really of why some senators did not vote in favor of cloture.  I would have to question any of these due to the fact that any concerns about the bill could have been addressed in Select file.  We had one more round to go before it left the legislative floor … The Cloture Vote was a vote to kill this bill and do an end around against allowing the bill to be heard at all … nothing more nothing less.

I urge all ABATE Members and Supporters to become actively involved in the campaigns now under way to remove from office those Senators in opposition to helmet repeal. If you have information for Me, Scott or Bob that is new and needs to appear on the website let us know and we will get it there. As I look I see a lot of senators running un opposed … I sincerely hope this is not the case considering a large group of these senators are also those who voted against cloture.  I hope to be able to update you more on each senator and who he she opposes in the very near future.

Do not give up the fight … we have only lost one round and if this defeat by a few senators in a technicality is not enough to move you to action in the upcoming elections .. I really don’t know what to say, except we will never win. I and my staff will be actively campaigning at the upcoming Lincoln Bike show next week.  I would support any and all of you to do the same.  We will be running a survey of riders / non riders in the state and we will be talking to everyone who will listen and explaining what has happened in the last weeks.

Thank you all for your support and listening, coming to the website … and the tons of emails I have received in support of ABATE of NE!


Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska

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