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Bill Aimed at Cutting Down Noise made by Motorcycles

February 19, 2010

Bill Aimed at Cutting Down Noise made by Motorcycles

A bill aimed at cutting down on noise made by motorcycles was before the Transportation Committee in Augusta Friday.

Senator Nancy Sullilvan is the sponsor.

She says Summer coastal residents have problems opening windows in their homes because of the noise.

Another part of the bill would require inspection stickers to be visible on motorcycles.

Sullivan says about 40-percent of Mainers who own motorcycles don’t inspect them.

To pass inspection a motorbike must have a muffler to regulate noise.

Those opposed to the bill agree there are some noise issues but say the bill doesn’t directly address them.

“And when we know 40 percent are breaking the law and we’re doing nothing about it I think that just aggravates the problem more and more.”

“until you address all problems with noise you’re being discriminatory against motorcyclists by this particular law.”

Harley Davidson has contacted Senator Sullivan in hopes of working with her to find a solution that everyone can live with.

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